In this 1 hour DVD learn from experienced trackers how to train
your dog to track and recover wounded game.

"The video, Deer Tracking 101 produced by Al Shacklett and A.J. Minns, will
be of great value to the many new tracking dog owners who want to
see just
how dogs are trained to find wounded deer. The camera work is of first rate
professional quality. The puppy trainee is a Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound,
one of the top tracking breeds in Europe. The site is the Texas Hill Country,
where tracking dogs can be worked legally off lead, but the training methods
presented will work everywhere and for all breeds. Even in off lead regions
like Texas and the Deep South, it makes good sense to begin training on
lead. As a veteran tracker from the Northeast, who wrote his own book on the
use of tracking dogs, I'm delighted to see that Texans like Shacklett and
Minns agree with me on the basics of training. When it comes to promoting
the use of blood tracking dogs, we are all in this together. Whatever your
breed and wherever you may live, this video is a must."

John Jeanneney, Author of "Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer"